Detect and Track Drones flying over your event with AirGuard.

Airsight’s drone detection software platform called AirGuard allows organizers and law enforcement to know which drones are flying close to the event. Being fully aware of a potential drone threat is the first step in dealing with someone using a drone for nefarious purposes. Airsight’s AirGuard is able to monitor the event airspace for drones and send alerts to security officers as soon as a drone enters a designated area. AirGuard gives drone and pilot GPS location in real-time so that security officers can react quickly to any drone threat.

Airsight offers AirGuard, best in class drone detection solution :
  • Drone ID
  • Drone and drone pilot location by GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Drone altitude and position (latitude and longitude)
  • Drone pilot information**Only available to Law Enforcement
  • Real-time detection of drone and pilot movement
  • Drone make & model to decipherer payload capability
  • Drone speed
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