So, WHAT can airports do to be proactive against drones entering their airspace and violating FAA restrictions?

Airsight Security's drone detection software platform, AirGuard, detects unauthorized drones and drone pilots that fly within the airport's designated 5 mile FAA No-Fly Zone.


How does AirGuard help tackle drone threats near your airport?

  • Identifies drone and pilot activity that is undetectable by the human eye
  • Alerts security teams to the drone make, model, speed, altitude, and GPS drone and pilot location.
  • Provides advanced warnings, alerts, and real-time monitoring of drone activity to allow actionable intervening
  • Captures and retains drone flight history for use as digital evidence in legal cases.g

FAA Drone Prediction: Between 2016 and 2021, the FAA expects the number of consumer drones in U.S skies to increase from 1.1 Million to 3.55 Million. According to Business Insider’s research, globally the number of consumer drones could hit 29 Million by 2021.

Airsight Security offers AirGuard, best in class drone detection solution:
  • Drone ID
  • Drone and drone pilot location by GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Drone altitude and position (latitude and longitude)
  • Drone pilot information**Only available to Law Enforcement
  • Real-time detection of drone and pilot movement
  • Drone make & model to decipherer payload capability
  • Drone speed
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Drone laws & regulations in the USA

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