AirGuard 2

Capabilities of AirGuard Drone Detector

The AirGuard drone detection software platform utilizes various RF sensors that collect data on drones flying in the air. The AirGuard platform manages all sensor data and displays it in one easy to use interface.

If a drone enters your area, AirGuard gives you Real-Time Data about the Drone GPS Location, Pilot GPS Location, as well as Drone data like Make and Model, Altitude and Speed.

AirGuard has a robust Flight History & Playback feature, so you can access all past drone incidents.

AirGuard is scalable based on client requirements and budget. AirGuard can cover one site, multiple sites or even the entire city. It can utilize a single sensor or multiple sensors based on client’s security needs and budget.

AirGuard’s 4 Steps
to Secure your Airspace


Hardware layers of the
AirGuard Drone Detection Software Platform

Layer 1

Layer 1 - RF Detection

Layer 1 is powered with Remote ID RF sensor. With this Layer, AirGuard can detect and track all RF Drones. Both Drone and Pilot GPS Location can be tracked in real-time.

Layer 2

Layer 2 - Expanded RF Detection

Layer 2 uses the DJI Aeroscope passive RF sensor along with other passive RF sensors and multiple radios and has the ability to detect 80% of drone threats.

Layer 3

Layer 3- Radar with Visual camera

Layer 3 uses the specialty radar sensor along with other passive RF sensors and multiple radios and has the ability to detect 99% of drone threats.

AirGuard 9

REST API Integrations -

How Does AirGuard help you respond to aerial drone threats?

  • Visualize the threat by distance.
  • Create warning and alert zones.
  • Create SOP based on actionable data.
  • Detailed flight path history.



  • Pilot historical location.
  • Special Interest location heatmaps.
  • Improve SOP’s based on Analytics and Data.
  • Integrate into other security systems.
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