Threats drones pose to stadiums:

  • Drones can carry and release a wide range of payloads such as a gun, an explosive or a chemical, with precision on unsuspecting crowds.
  • Drones can cause personal injury to fans and stadium property if they fall out of the sky due to technological errors or misuse from the pilot.
  • Drones can create crowd chaos with hundreds or thousands of people trying to vacate the venue at the same time.

With most sports aired live on TV and with social media at attendees’ fingertips, the world would be watching any catastrophe live on national TV or online with the posting and viral sharing of videos captured at the event. Open air sports venues are at a real risk from drone threats.

Airsight Security specializes in providing stadiums with the best in class drone detection solution with our AirGuard software platform. AirGuard takes drone detection to the next level by allowing multiple technologies to work together in one software platform and meet each client’s requirements. AirGuard empowers security teams and local law enforcement with accurate drone data to locate the drone and pilot location so that security can respond appropriately.

Airsight Security offers AirGuard, best in class drone detection solution :
  • Drone ID
  • Drone and drone pilot location by GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Drone altitude and position (latitude and longitude)
  • Drone pilot information**Only available to Law Enforcement
  • Real-time detection of drone and pilot movement
  • Drone make & model to decipherer payload capability
  • Drone speed
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