Top Questions asked within the Critical Infrastructure Sector on Drone Detection Solutions:

  • Question: Are you able to distinguish between the drones employed for inspections/diagnostics over drones infiltrating critical infrastructure airspace for malicious intent?

    Answer: Yes! AirGuard allows your organization to "white-list" drones you authorize on your site. Our software will recognize the drones and record their activity, but authorized drones will not set off alerts. Your organization can also use drone detection for quality assurance purposes to track and record authorized drones.

  • Question: Can AirGuard be integrated into our existing security infrastructure?

    Answer: Yes! AirGuard integrates into your existing security seamlessly. AirGuard provides the GPS location and altitude data of detected drones to PTZ cameras enabling cameras to track, identify drone payload, and threat potential. AirGuard also integrates into alarm systems and incident management systems. Seamless integration allows security teams and law enforcement to make informed decisions.

Airsight Security offers AirGuard, best in class drone detection solution:
  • Drone ID
  • Drone and drone pilot location by GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Drone altitude and position (latitude and longitude)
  • Drone pilot information**Only available to Law Enforcement
  • Real-time detection of drone and pilot movement
  • Drone make & model to decipherer payload capability
  • Drone speed
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