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AirGuard allows access to the following information for flights:

  • Flight Date
  • Flight Path
  • Flight Duration
  • Locations visited
  • Flight Purpose

Track your operations using AirGuard

Case Study

The City of Chula Vista chose AirGuard to provide 3rd party tracking for all of Chula Vista Police Department’s (CVPD) Drone Flights. CVPD is integrating drones in their official operations and using them to get visuals as first response to incidents.

CVPD uses the flight tracking and data provided by AirGuard and makes their flights public on their website after 24 hours. This way, the citizens of Chula Vista know the purpose for which CVPD conducted drone operations.

Making flights public allows CVPD to be transparent about their operations and avoid the public outcry that led to several other cities shutting down their drone operations.

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