New Mexico UAS Laws

Note on Federal vs State Laws:

Federal airspace laws take precedence over state drone laws. If a state or local law directly conflicts with FAA regulations, the state or local law is likely to be invalidated. 


Drone” is defined as any device used or designed for navigation or flight in the air that is unmanned and guided remotely or by an onboard computer or onboard control system. Drones may also be referred to as “unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)” or “unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAVS).”


Title 19, Chapter 31, Part 10, - USE OF VEHICLES AND ROADS IN HUNTING:

It shall be unlawful, at any time, to pursue, harass, harry, drive, or rally any protected species by use of a drone. It is also unlawful to use a drone to assist in the locating or taking of any protected species.

Exceptions: Aircraft, drone and vehicle exemptions to this rule: The Director may exempt a person from the prohibition of utilizing an aircraft, drone or vehicle for management purposes.

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