Maryland UAS Laws

Note on Federal vs State Laws:

Federal airspace laws take precedence over state drone laws. If a state or local law directly conflicts with FAA regulations, the state or local law is likely to be invalidated.


Unmanned aircraft” means the flying portion of an unmanned aircraft system, flown by a pilot via a ground control system, or autonomously through use of an onboard computer, a communication link, and any additional equipment that is necessary for the unmanned aircraft to operate safely.


Unmanned aircraft system” means an unmanned aircraft and all the associated support equipment, control stations, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment, and other equipment necessary to operate the unmanned aircraft.


Statutes/Bills (passed):

SB 0370 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research, Development, Regulation, and Privacy Act of 2015

Maryland’s statewide drone statute establishes that only the state may enact a law or take any other action to prohibit, restrict, or regulate the testing or operation of unmanned aircraft systems in the State. These state laws will preempt any laws created by counties or municipalities on the same subject and trumps any law currently in existence. State law will supersede any ordinances that local governments may enact or have previously enacted.


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