Kansas UAS Laws

Note on Federal vs State Laws:

Federal airspace laws take precedence over state drone laws. If a state or local law directly conflicts with FAA regulations, the state or local law is likely to be invalidated.



‘‘Unmanned aerial system’’ means a powered, aerial vehicle that:

  1. Does not carry a human operator;
  2. uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift;
  3. may fly autonomously or be piloted remotely;
  4. may be expendable or recoverable; and
  5. may carry a lethal or nonlethal payload.
Statutes/Bills (passed):

Bill 319 - amended the Protection from Stalking Act to address drones

‘‘Harassment’’ shall include any course of conduct carried out through the use of an unmanned aerial system over or near any dwelling, occupied vehicle or other place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from uninvited intrusion or surveillance. 


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